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WebChaver sits on your computer and quietly keeps an eye out for any questionable internet use. Your designated Chaver receives a weekly summary of anything that raises WebChaver's automatic eyebrows.

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Launching in a few weeks...

Screen Accountability

Covenant Eyes' patented next-generation technology redefines accountability.
Keeping you accountable even offline, while still protecting your privacy.

And here's how it works

We can let you know as soon as its available. Or keep watching this space for more information.

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Screen Monitoring

The software periodically captures screenshots of your screen activity, even while offline, and stores them securely on your device.

Screenshot Analysis

Advanced artificial intelligence analyzes those screenshots, on your device, for explicit or questionable imagery.

Screenshot Processing

The software rates the images, blurs them to protect your privacy, then prioritizes them based on content.

Activity Reporting

Your weekly report, sent to your chaver, includes a rated selection of blurred screenshots, any circumvention attempts and other activity providing a complete accountability solution.

How it works

1# - Sign up for monitoring (and filtering if you want) & choose a Chaver.
2# - Install and use the internet as you always do. Your internet activity is now monitored.
#3 - Webchaver records any suspicious activity in a report.
#4 - Report is sent to your Chaver containing ONLY suspicious site and no other personal info.
#5 - Use the internet knowing you have a Chaver watching your back.

Who is it for ?


The idea of Internet Accountability is simple: A person will certainly not view inappropriate material if others will see. WebChaver sends weekly activity reports to the person you choose.


WebChaver is great for protecting your family. We recommend using the WebChaver accountability with our filtering option, especially in homes with young children.

Groups, Schools & Companies

WebChaver offers specialized features and pricing for groups in many customizable setups designed to meet your specific needs.


Internet accountability

Sign up for WebChaver and download the CE monitoring software. Once installed, all web activity is logged, rated and reported in an easy to read format.


WebChaver Monitoring together with the optional Filtering is the most effective way to prevent unsuitable web activity. Our filter is highly customizable to your needs and demands.

Mobile Devices

WebChaver supports both Android and iOS devices, so you can feel safe using your smartphone and tablet too.

Join WebChaver - For Your Peace of Mind

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