Web Safety Tips

For starters, download and install one of the following browsers (if you don't have them already):
For Mac, Safari is also good.


Mozilla Firefox

google chrome

Google Chrome

Then go on to the next step to install some helpful add-ons.

WOT (Web Of Trust) is an add-on that warns you before you click on a website, whether that site is trusted by the online community. They have ratings of more than 27 million sites, and it is constantly updated by members of the WOT community. This is an invaluable tool for "watching your step" when entering unknown territory on the web.

This extension is available for all major browsers.

For more advanced users, we strongly recommend using the "No Scripts" add-on. Aside from protecting you from scripting attacks of all types, this add-on will prevent most ads and pop-ups automatically. For some websites, you will need to click the "Allow" option, in order for the site to display properly. This slight inconvenience is well worth it.

This extension is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

One of the biggest issues with "kosher" web use is the amount of time that gets wasted online. Web use can easily become addictive and decrease productivity. These add-ons can help:

MeeTimer monitors your time online, grouping it into activities for more meaningful statistics. It gives you easy-to-digest information on where your time is really going (include the % of the working week you need not have spent at work), so that you can take real steps to reduce wastage.

This extension is available for Mozilla Firefox. For Google Chrome, a less feature-rich alternative is Chrome Timer.

For a more complete time management tool for both your PC and on Android, try RescueTime.

  • Track time in applications, websites, and mobile apps
  • Rank your productivity on a per-app, per-site basis
  • your efficiency and attention trends over time
  • distracting websites for short bursts of quality focus
  • Get document-level insight into where your time goes
  • Create goals and track your progress towards them
  • Track offline time, such as meetings and phone calls

The Android app is available here.

Looking for the right information on the web using Google or Bing can lead to undesirable content. Innocent word searches often produce not-such-innocent results. This is especially true when searching for images on the web. Google Safe Search is a small step that can be taken to prevent the worst of the web from coming up in your results. Click here for more info.

K9 Safe Search is a family friendly search engine from the creators of K9 Web Protection, the most popular free parental control software. K9 Safe Search removes offensive or malicious links and images from your search results by using the same web filtering technology in the K9 Web Protection software. The Blue Coat Systems' WebPulse technology provides a safe browsing experience for millions of families and companies across the world.

Aside from blocking ads and pop-ups, it is essential to protect your email as well. Without strong protection steps, spammers will send you horrific graphical emails. Many people have had to find this out the hard way.

To protect yourself, we suggest signing up for a Gmail account. Gmail has the best spam filter currently available. Any other email addresses that you use can be easily forwarded to Gmail, or "pulled" into Gmail, and will be filtered as well. You can find out how to do that here.

We also strongly advise using a desktop client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows Mail. For Mac use Apple Mail. This prevents you from having to use the Gmail online interface, which has advertisements. It also happens to be easier to use and more convenient. You must have set Gmail to have "IMAP enabled". For more info click here.

Although Youtube does have "kosher" videos, it will also display other videos, ads and comments around the video that may be inappropriate. We suggest that you install an add-on that allows you to hide page elements and ads on the YouTube website. You may need to adjust the settings for it to work.

This extension is available for Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

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